Michele Albrecht Guest


I’m a 49-year-old mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend who’s passionate about health and fitness. I believe we should all leave a mark by living a great life.

As a child, my love for ballet introduced me to the beauty and importance of the mind/body connection. After college, i joined a local YMCA and enjoyed the dynamic of group fitness.


After the birth of my daughter, I decided to prioritize my health and was introduced to Beachbody. I quickly became a coach and pursued several group instructor certifications, such as P90X and Insanity. Fast forward several years, I then became a certified personal trainer.

I left my corporate career almost 5 years ago and I’ve not looked back. I have a bachelor's in specialized studies in Gerontological Services and Empirical Research. As an Ohio Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, I operated skilled nursing facilities and subacute units within large hospital systems in the Greater Cleveland Area.


In November 2019, I opened The Good Vibes Yoga Fitness & Wellness Studio, as co-owner and creator. Shortly after opening, I navigated running a business during the COVID pandemic. I’m proud of the services we provide to our community. During this time, I graduated to offering my services virtually and continuing to grow my brand.

Wellness and health afford us the opportunity to live abundant lives and we owe it to ourselves to live well!

Let's live Happy and Healthy with the ability to play, travel and experience all that life has to offer!!!